Connected display developed by WIPDesign for Tag Heuer


Tag heuer modular

At a time when digital shopping has radically transformed retail and luxury, we were appointed by TAG Heuer, the premium Swiss watchmakers to revolutionize the concept of luxury retail with a new retail concept.



source : Tag Heuer


Our challenge was to capture the unique, avant-garde nature of TAG Heuer brand for a new generation of consumers. The store encapsulates TAG Heuer’s vision of luxury, conceived as freedom and accessibility, and breaks down traditional barriers to create a direct connection with customers.

To achieve this we focused on the two extremes of the customer experience.  In its broadest sense, the store is about attitude – a blank-canvas environment for the brand to express through, with direct access to the street, moving façades and an innovative take on technology and connected displays. At the other end of the scale the focus is purely on the product.


Facade of the Tag Heuer Ginza Store

This binary approach informs the design throughout. Outside, the façade becomes a moving sculpture where full-screen moving image, texture, materials and reflections come together tell the TAG Heuer story. Inside, the product takes centre stage, presented through an innovative display that acts as a communication and engagement tool, developed by WIPdesign with technology by inventor Xavier Dietlin.


Connected display developed by WIPDesign


Connected display developed by WIPDesign


We developed the retail concept, customer journey strategy, external façade, interior design, lightning, furniture, display and merchandising. TAG Heuer’s opened in Japan on Monday 9th April 2018 to great acclaim. Over the following months the concept will be rolled out to TAG Heuer’s flagships in London’s Oxford Street and New York’s 5th Avenue


Entrance of the Tag Heuer Ginza Store


Ground-floor of the Tag Heuer Ginza Store


Basement-floor of the Tag Heuer Ginza Store


Stairs of the Tag Heuer Ginza Store






Sales lounge


Sales lounge of the Tag Heuer Ginza Store


Custom made furniture







Display: Xavier Dietlin
Display app: WIDE



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