We are a boutique studio, experts in brand and retail design.
We believe that brands are the association people make between products, services and experiences. We craft those associations to build brands that are relevant, memorable and unique.
From our offices in Paris we work with visionary leaders all over the world. Whether they are in established companies or just starting up, they all share our ambition to challenge conventions, stand out and create business value through design.

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Brand Environment / Retail Design

Nico brings ideas to life, so it can be experienced in 3D. Defining the unique features that will make it stand out.


Brand Identity / Graphic Design

Sean defines the visual signs and symbols that will represent a brand’s look & feel, tone and identity.

WIP is a small team with big ideas. We are concept driven and work well together, as experts in our own field or as a core team, with the experience of delivering a brand from concept to realisation.

We strongly believe in involving you the client as a member of the team in the creative process

36 Bd de la Bastille
75012 Paris
Elevator C, 5th Floor

+ 33 1 45 35 97 62

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