Rive Ouest Immobilier

Rive Ouest real estate agency entrusted us with the creation and construction of its flagship in Meudon. More than just an agency, this space benefits from the comfort of a “home” and translates our point of view on the environment. It is friendly, warm and lively.

At a time where we are seeing new ways of working, when the home has never been so much the focus of everyone’s attention, it was unthinkable to propose a space as sad as most of these agencies, whose offices are reminiscent of those of a very young banker. The answer was obvious: we had to illustrate the West Bank’s view of what a good apartment is. The place is inspiring, inviting, intimate and caring. For employees, it replicates the comfort experienced when working from home, while maintaining social interaction.













Photographer : Benoit Florençon



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